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Getting Started for Visiting Undergrads

Once you have received confirmation of your enrollment in a Penn Summer program, refer to this checklist to get you started with your studies:

  1. Review the handbook: The Penn Summer Visiting Student Handbook (PDF) outlines policies and resources for visiting students, including advising, billing, course registration, and academic support services. Refer to this document throughout the summer if you have questions or concerns, or get in touch with our academic advisor at
  2. Get PennKey and password set up: The PennKey is your online identity that provides secure access to online billing, registration, and other electronic resources at Penn. Many of Penn’s online systems require the use of a PennKey username and password. For current students and Penn employees, you can continue to use your existing PennKey. If you don’t already have a PennKey, you will be sent a set-up code to the email you used to enroll in Penn Summer. You can expect to receive that invitation 3-5 business days after you accept admission into the program.

    If you have not received a PennKey setup code within that time frame, please visit the PennKey website and click "Contact."

    More information about how to set up a new PennKey, or how to reset the password for an existing PennKey, is available at the PennKey website.
  3. Activate your Penn email address and update directory: All students need to have an email address registered in the Penn Directory and many Penn systems will only use the email address that is listed in the directory to contact you. If you already have an active email address at Penn (anything ending in, then continue to use that; you don’t need to create a new email account.

    If you do not already have an active Penn email address, then you must create one. Visit the Penn Computing site to get started. Please note that you need to create your PennKey before you can set up an email address, as your address is based on your PennKey. For example, if your PennKey is "bfranklin," your email address will be

    You should check your entry in the Penn Directory to verify that the information is correctly listed. Please allow two days for a newly created email address to show up in the Penn Directory. Visit the Penn Directory to check your listing. Click the "Login” button in the upper right corner, then click “My Profile” to see your listing. Use the “Help” link to learn how to manage your information in the directory.
  4. Register for classes via Penn InTouch.
  5. Attend the online Newly Admitted Student Sessions: This will familiarize you with your program dates and deadlines, provide academic advisor contacts, and helps you navigate the registration and scheduling process to make your academic transition as smooth as possible. Invitations for sessions are typically sent in mid-May.