Water Resources for Geologists and Environmental Scientists

Course Number
EESC 6715 990
Course Code
Course Key
Adams, Michele
Course Note
MSAG Elective/MES Foundation Env Geology
Course Description
This class will provide an overview of water topics and issues and is intended to provide geologists and environmental scientists with a working understanding of current water resource issues and challenges ranging from stormwater and flooding to stream restoration, water re-use and ecological restoration. Starting with an understanding of hydrology, streams, and related ecosystems, the class will look at the various ways we use and depend on water, the ways in which water resources are degraded, and practices to restore and protect the resource. Topics to be covered include green infrastructure, water and wastewater sources and water reuse, stream health, stream channel restoration, riparian buffers, floodplains, best practices, and the concept of "one water." We will also cover current regulations, changing water policies, sustainability, and the implications of climate change.