Spanish for Medical Professionals Elementary I/II

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SPAN 126 980
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Prerequisite: A score between 380 and 440 on the SAT II or the written departmental exam; a score be
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Offered through the Penn Language Center.
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Spanish 126 Elementary Medical Spanish 1 and II is an acceleratedelementary-level language course that covers in one semester the materialstudied over two semesters in Spanish 115 and 125 (first and second semesterelementary Medical Spanish).  Designed for students who have some priorexperience with the language, this course teaches the fundamentals of Spanishwith an emphasis on medical situations and basic medical terminology.Particular attention is given to developing speaking and listening skills, aswell as cultural awareness. Course activities, vocabulary, and materials areselected to be of particular relevance to healthcare practitioners. Aftersuccessful completion of this course, students will be prepared to enroll ineither SPAN 130 or 135. This semester, Spanish 126 will be taught remotely andhave a blended structure, with a mix of synchronous class meetings andasynchronous activities.
Prerequisite: A score between 380 and 440 on the SAT II or the writtendepartmental exam; a score between 285 and 383 on the online placementexamination, or permission of the instructor.
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