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Fine Art Photography

Session A: July 13 – July 23, 2020
1:30 p.m. - 4 p.m.
The Arts
Stephanie Whaley

Students in this module will learn how to develop conceptual, technical and aesthetic skills in photography. By learning the basics of design, composition and exposure we will learn how to see and compose an image through the camera’s eye. Using imaging software, such as GIMP, students will also learn the basics on digital imaging, editing and enhancing. We will also navigate the different tools that we can use to produce fine art photography including our camera phone and how we can use the tools that we learn in social media, like Instagram.

Course Format:

Each lesson (day) will be a pre-recorded session(s) available in Canvas. Homework will be assigned based on the lessons that we learn. All homework will be in the form of submitting photographs via email that demonstrate the learned fundamentals. I will give feedback for each submitted homework assignment so the student can learn and grow. I will also set-up individual zoom meetings with each student to allow time for personal feedback and questions.

Required Class Materials:

A computer and a camera. This can be the camera on your phone, a digital slr, or a point and shoot digital camera.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply basic rules of composition and light including framing and cropping, choosing a subject for content, point of view and lighting to take quality images and to achieve a variety of effects
  • Have a better understanding of how to use your phone’s camera to create fine art photography
  • Use a digital SLR camera with manual focus and settings
  • Use image editing software such as GIMP for basic editing techniques and printing
  • Evaluate and critique photographs professionally and effectively

Rough Syllabi:

Class 1- Introduction of myself and what to expect in this course
Pre-recorded presentation:

  • Part A: A Brief History of Photography
  • Part B: What makes a photograph ‘fine art’

Class 2- Seeing Through the Camera’s Eye
Pre-recorded presentation:

  • Part A: Composition and framing the subject
  • Part B: Equipment that we can use. Ex: Camera phones & digital SLR’s

    Assignment 1: Form/Composition

Class 3- Light
Pre-recorded presentation:

  • Part A: Light/shadow/Contrast
  • Part B: Using the digital darkroom: Imaging software basics

    Assignment 2: Light/shadow

    *Assignment 1 due

Class 4- Individual Zoom Meetings / Critique & Feedback

Class 5- Portraits
Pre-recorded presentation:

  • Part A:Portraits & lighting your subject
  • Part B: Image editing, using selection tools with GIMP

    Assignment 3: Portrait

    *Assignment 2 due

Class 6: Using Your Phone as a Fine Arts Tool
Pre-recorded presentation:

  • Part A: Fine art photography with camera phones
  • Part B: How to critique fine art photography

Class 7: Urban Photography/ Documentary Photography
Pre-recorded presentation:

  • Part A: Street Photography
  • Part B: Documentary Photography

    Assignment 4: Urban shooting

    *Assignment 3 due

Class 8: Individual Zoom Meetings Critique & Feedback

Class 9: Final critique of all assignments

*I understand that everyone’s time zone may differ; therefore, the above listed due dates for assignments are flexible by one day.

Homework instructions:

  • Please title each image file with your LastName_FirstName_Assignment_Number

    for example: Slate_Stephanie_FormComposition_1