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Advanced Corporate Finance

Subject Area
Course Number
FNCE 203 920
Course Code
Course Key
FNCE100, STAT101 and STAT102
Course Description
The objective of this course is to study the major decision-making areas ofmanagerial finance and some selected topics in financial theory.  The coursereviews the theory and empirical evidence related to the investment andfinancing policies of the firm and attempts to develop decision-making abilityin these areas.  This course serves as an extension of FNCE 100 (FNCE 611).Some are as of financial management not covered in FNCE 100 are covered inFNCE 203.  These may include leasing, mergers and acquisitions, corporatereorganizations, financial planning and working capital management, and someother selected topics.  Other areas that are covered in FNCE 100 are coveredmore in depth and more rigorously in FNCE 203.  These include investmentdecision making under uncertainty, cost of capital, capital structure, pricingof selected financial instruments and corporate liabilities, and dividend policy.
Subject Area Vocab